Water is essential to our existence. It also has a tremendous emotional affect on us. Just being next to a body of water can calm our anxieties. In my reflection paintings, I combine the images of reflections in water with vivid colors to create a quiet energy.

In the woods there are always more trees than there are people. It is a place of solitude. The trees tower above us as symbols of strength and endurance. In my treescapes, I explore the contrast between the structure of the tree trunks and the sunlight peaking through to create a balanced harmony.

Flowers are like nature’s box of crayons. They not only add color and beauty to the world, but they also can invoke very specific memories. My abstract floral paintings are some of my most vibrant works. They capture the extreme power in something very delicate.

My landscapes and seascapes are a glimpse into a time and place where you are off the beaten path. There are no cars here, no phones, no deadlines. The landscape paintings combine the woods and the flowers and the fields into a colorful chorus that should remind you to stop, breathe, and really take in the world around you. The seascapes make you want to feel the sand beneath your toes.

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