Grey, wet weather leaves me feeling a lot like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh – you know the old depressed Eeyore, not the newer happier version. My energy is drained, I feel tired and moody, and even the simplest tasks tend to seem daunting. You might ask yourself, ‘why does this lack of bright colors get us down?’  The better question might be, ‘what can I do about it?’ You can’t change the weather, but you can add bright, beautiful colors to your indoor environment.

As an artist, I don’t often think about colors in the terms of ‘schemes’, at least not while I’m painting.  The colors that I use become more instinctual than planned, but as I look back through some of my paintings, certain combinations seem to jump out.  Here are some of the color schemes that I’ve come up with.  You can use these combinations in your decorating to combat the cold weather blah’s.

1) Summer Heat!

This One is all about the warm colors.  I love to put crimson and gold together, and even the green has a warm hue.

2) Spring Breeze

You can’t help thinking about spring with these two shades of green against the rose.

3) Primary Colors

The primary colors are the purist of colors and are always a cheerful combination.

4) Teal and Red

I’m not sure why, but the deep crimson and the teal just seem to make a great combination.

5) Ocean Mist

Combining the warm and cool tones of blue together create a definite Caribbean feel.