One Winter back in Minnesota we did not see the sun for more then 40 days. Nothing but grey and cold from dawn to dusk day after day!

If you’re like me, just the thought of that dreary climate might make you want to crawl under the covers and hibernate until spring. Life goes on however, and hibernation not being a viable option, I began to use my art to compensate for the lack of natural light and color out my window. I found that the vibrant color combinations could evoke emotions similar to those that I felt on summer walk through the woods. I’m not in Minnesota any longer. I’m in North Carolina enjoying short mild winters and wonderfully long summers, but those long cold winters will never be forgotten.

I know that colors impact our emotions. The vibrant color combinations I use in my work are meant to be uplifting and inspirational. I paint with a palette knife to create textural, energetic, and impressionistic paintings that speak to my own spontaneous yet restless nature. I want to create works that combat the negativity in the world and replace it with joy. My subjects are simple, but they are things that we should stop and pay attention to every day. We should take time to just feel the colors in the world around us.

Stuff to know about me

  • I live in Durham, North Carolina.
  • I was raised on a farm in Minnesota where I learned to appreciate quiet, wide open spaces.
  • I love the outdoors so much, I sometimes wish I lived in a tree house.
  • I love the woods and I love the beach!
  • I believe that every day is a gift and every morning I am grateful to step outside and breath in the fresh air and listen to the birds.


While living in Minnesota, I exhibited my work at several juried fine arts festivals as well as at a small cooperative gallery in Rochester, MN. I also served on the board of directors of this gallery for several years. Several of my paintings were purchased as part of a public collection on display at the Olmsted Community Hospital in Rochester.  I was also chosen to participated in two public art projects in Rochester, where my pieces are still on display.  My work was featured in the ‘Rochester’ magazine in 2010.

Since relocating to Durham in 2011, I have exhibited my work at several juried and non-juried shows and art festivals. As a daily painter, I post my small daily paintings on a website which I created,

Organizations and Associations

Durham Art Guild

Triangle Visual Artists

Artwork Daily

Commissioned Works

If you love my work, but you are looking for a certain size, or are looking for a piece that works with a very specific color palette, I would love to work with your to create a piece that is very personally and specifically yours.


18″x24″ – $650

24″x36″ – $1000

36″x48″ – $2000

* Although the composition and color can be very similar to another work, each work is a unique individual painting and will not be an exact replica. If you would like to commission a piece of work in a particular size or simply have a question about my work, feel free to send me an email.