Recently, a friend from Minnesota sent me a photo of some of my older works that are hanging at the community hospital in Rochester. My painting style has changed significantly since then, but as I study this quadriptych, I see some similarities.

These paintings were purchased by Olmsted Community Hospital in 2010 as part of a local art initiate.

First, let’s talk about the differences. These pieces were painted with a brush, as this was long before I started painting with a palette knife. The brush strokes can be seen, but there is definitely a lack of texture. The colors, though similar are even brighter in these older works. Although I still use very vibrant hues, I believe that years of mixing my own paint colors has given me a much richer and more varied palette.

There are some elements of composition that are very similar between these works and my more recent landscapes. The alternating of dark and light values to create depth is something that I still do in my landscape paintings. The rolling hills in these paintings also look similar to some landscapes that I’ve painted recently.

I usually like to focus on the future, and not linger on the past, but it’s fun to look back once in a while at where I came from.  It highlights the fact that I am actually progressing. Like with all things in life, with my art, I can learn from the past. Take with me the good things, and leave the rest behind as lessons learned.