A couple of years ago I started the practice of painting a small painting ever day. For the first year I was very diligent, making sure to take supplies with me when I traveled and even painting in hotel rooms or at rest stops.  In the second year I started to cut myself a little slack, missing a day or two here or there, and then this last December and part of January I took a pretty long break.  But with the new year (well, a couple of weeks late I guess) I have started fresh, with a new spirit and a new diligence!  Since January 18th I have once again been painting every day and posting my work out to my http://artworkdaily.com website.  I discovered during my winter break, that I really missed that daily ritual. It is a habit that I really need in my life.  By sitting down (or standing) with palette knife in hand and completing a quick, small, spontaneous work of art, I feel a small sense of accomplishment every day.  I have set a small goal, and I have completed it. It gives me confidence; confidence that I can set and accomplish other goals; confidence in my ability as an artist.  This small thing has had a huge impact on my life.  I would like to challenge all of you to find one small thing that you can commit to doing daily.  It doesn’t have to be art related, it can be as simple as a couple of yoga poses, or jotting a couple of sentences down in a journal.  Anything that can be done in a fairly small amount of time and that you would enjoy doing. I think after a few days you will understand that sense of accomplishment that I am talking about.

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Up for Auction

I have started putting my daily paintings up for auction.  This impressionist landscape is on auction now.  Check it out!